Green Islands, Albany, WA. Photo by Andy Dolphin.
Green Islands, Albany. Photo by Andy Dolphin.

With the sun still shining, I threw my French easel, back pack, camera and bottle of cordial in the car and headed back to the Albany coast.

Plein air oil painting kit. Andy Dolphin.

My back pack folds out to a stool (I stand when I paint though) and contains almost everything I need for plein air painting. It’s a semi-organised mess but it carries rags, plastic bags, primed painting boards, colour charts, thinner, sketch book, pencils, hand wipes and sometimes a beanie to keep my head warm as evening falls. It has two side pockets that hold insect repellent, sunscreen and my bottle of drinking water – or cordial. It’s handy having the drinking water in its own pocket so I don’t reach into the back pack and end up grabbing and drinking thinner by mistake.

My SLR camera is too big and precious to go in the back pack so has its own shoulder bag. My paints and brushes are in the French easel.

Here’s the result for this trip. First, the “proof I was there” location shot…

Plein air seascape painting in oils on location. By Andy Dolphin.

And the painting…

Plein air seascape painting in oils. By Andy Dolphin.
 (Afternoon breaker. Plein air sketch. 30×20cm oil on board. © Andy Dolphin)

The photo at the top of the blog shows how things were looking as I was packing up. Spectacular, as always.