I recently tagged along with the Albany plein air painters – a group of artists who choose a new location around Albany to paint or sketch every Thursday morning.

Here’s some of my efforts from the last couple of weeks, including this week’s trip to the Hudson’s Circus which was in town for a few days.

I’ve always wanted to draw or paint a Moreton Bay fig tree and the Albany museum visit provided a perfect opportunity.

Albany Museum sketch book tree by Andy Dolphin Albany Museum sketch book Brig Amity by Andy Dolphin

It’s not every day you get a chance to sketch camels or water buffalo from life – in Albany – but when the circus comes to town…

hudsons circus albany thumbnail sketch by Andy Dolphin

The circus painting was a challenge but with some cropping and minor rearranging, I think I can make a new painting from it.

Thanks to Ros Jenke for taking the photos of me at work.