I’ve received an email enquiring about what works I currently have available as those on my website are mostly sold.

I’ve been working on a new website for a while now – it’s one of those do it yourself tasks and I tend to get bogged down in the nitty gritty of HTML and CSS and exactly what shade of grey a particular part of the page should be and what links I should include in the main menu and so on.

So in the meantime I thought I’d post a few of my available works here.

(Forest Road. 33x46cm oil on board. © Andy Dolphin @Boranup Gallery)

(Survival. 54x30cm approx – oil on board. © Andy Dolphin @Boranup Gallery)

(Equine Sunlight. 32x29cm approx – oil on board. © Andy Dolphin @Haese’s Framers)

(Shoreline. 54x30cm approx – oil on board. © Andy Dolphin @Boranup Gallery)

Also available are the two shed paintings I mentioned last week in my “Highly Commended” article. Just drop a comment here if you’d like to know more. I currently have a larger version of my Sunlit Canola painting sitting on the easel. That should be available soon too.

Many of the small studies I’ve blogged about here are not currently intended for sale as they are personal exercises and may be used as reference in future studio works.

*Note: Due to the variability of browsers and monitors and the vagaries of photography, colours are not guaranteed to match what you see on screen but I have adjusted to be as true as I can make them.