Here’s three stages and a close-up of a painting I did yesterday.

Landscape oil painting, step 1 tonal map, by andy dolphin
Initial under-painting.

Landscape oil painting, step 2 mid tones & local colour, by andy dolphin
Half-way there.

Landscape oil painting, step 3 final, by andy dolphin
(Evening Shadows. 40x60cm oil on board. © Andy Dolphin

 Detail of landscape oil painting by andy dolphin

This draws on all the experience I’ve gained doing outdoor sketches in the last couple of years, combined with my love for farm tracks, grasses and trees.

I am really pleased with the way the abstract brush strokes fall together to create a believable scene that I think would be familiar to a lot of Aussies.

The title is temporary. If you have a suggestion for a better one, feel free to let me know in a comment.

UPDATE: I’ve settled on “Evening Shadows” for the title. A few minor adjustments were made later but I didn’t get a photo. Sorry.