This is part two in a series of designing a seascape painting in oils. Click the link for part one.

Here’s where we got up to. It’s a fairly basic seascape design, painted digitally, and roughly, in Photoshop with no reference. There’s about half an hour’s work in this.

digital seascape rough in colour

I was happy with this as a basic “thumbnail” and decided to do a small oil painting using only this digital painting, and my memories of everything I’ve observed in recent weeks and seascape paintings I’ve done over the years, as reference.

Here’s the oil sketch.

This was done using a very basic palette and, other than colour, it varies little from the digital sketch. I’m happy with the overall scheme but need to work on the rocks a bit.

That’s it for part two but here’s a short video I shot last week of waves at various beaches near Albany, Western Australia. It really is a spectacular stretch of coastline.

I haven’t uploaded video here before so I hope this works for you. It works for me but I notice the uploader has shrunk it quite a lot. I might upload it to Youtube and embed it from there… one day.

Please note that it has no audio. Do not adjust your set!

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

I’ll post part three soon.

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