I just saw Google Art Project on Marc Dalessio’s blog – it looks fascinating.

Take a virtual, 3D tour of any one of more than a dozen galleries/museums around the world.

It might take a bit of getting used to but if you’ve ever navigated Google Street View, you’ll pick it up pretty quickly. Just click a museum link, choose to Explore then mouse around a bit, click on direction arrows, click on distant rooms or paintings, click on + signs, move the zoom slider in the bottom corner and eventually you’ll find yourself staring at a close up of a masterpiece.

If you’re the nervous type who’s bamboozled by all this technogologicacal stuff, then there’s instructions and videos to get you going if you click on the “Learn more” link.

I suspect people with a slow internet connections might experience some difficulties.

Looks like I can cancel that world trip I was planning now.