Gallery 500 have invited me to do another painting workshop for them.

Workshops run for around four hours on a Saturday morning and students paint along with me as I break down my process of painting sunlight into easily managed stages.

The techniques demonstrated suit either plein air or studio painting. While I paint in oils, the approach works equally well for acrylics.

This month’s subject will be “Karri Forest ” and the date is set for June 25th.

If you’re interested in attending, contact Brad at Gallery 500 in Albany, WA.

In the meantime, here’s another digital “seascape”…

(Wave at The Gap. 1500x900px digital. © Andy Dolphin)

I wanted something a little different to the usual seascape vista with beach and sky so I focussed on a single wave breaking along the rock wall of The Gap, near Albany.

It’s a long way down from the lookout platform to the water and it’s difficult to judge scale when the only references are the water itself and the massive wall of rock. I’d estimate this wave to be around two-three metres tall – it could even be bigger.

I’m particularly interested in the various surface textures of clear water and foam.