I did my second workshop for Gallery 500 in Albany yesterday morning. It was nice to see some familiar faces from my landscape painting workshop, along with some new faces.

The subject this time was “Seascape” and I took the students through my approach to waves, flat water, rocks, sand, wet sand and, of course, sunlight and atmosphere.

My reference for the morning was a painting I did in preparation last weekend…

seascape painting workshop in oil

There’s quite a bit happening in this small (25x35cm – 10×14″) painting which took around four hours to finish. I wasn’t expecting this same level of detail in a workshop setting where we only had four hours for explanation, demonstration and following along. Time got tight near the end as we were all adding those last bits of sunlight and detail. Even so, the results from the group were amazing.

Here’s my demonstration painting from yesterday’s workshop so you can play “spot the difference” with my reference painting…

In reality, this probably represents about one to one and a half hours actual painting time.

I didn’t have my camera with me but I hope to post some photos of everyone hard at work when I can.

Thanks again to Brad and Jo of Gallery 500 for inviting me and to everyone who attended.


Photos of some of the gang hard at work. Thanks to Ros for sending these to me.