We had a bit of sunshine last weekend so, naturally, I headed out to paint.

Here’s the underpainting…

I got a fair way through the painting when I looked behind me and saw heavy clouds heading straight for me. Before I had time to throw everything in my back pack and fold up my easel, it was raining. And it got heavier.

I was over 100m from the nearest shelter and had to tread carefully as the paddock is very green, very uneven, very slippery – and uphill all the way. Carrying a French easel with wet painting on-board in such conditions is not the most fun a person can have in a day.

So here’s how things looked when I made it to shelter in a nearby shearing shed.

I’d been standing down that valley, off to the right of the photo, when the rain hit. I was somewhat damp by now.

I plonked the almost-finished painting on an easel back in the studio, let it dry, then added a few finishing touches. Here’s how it ended up.

Creek. Plein air landscape painting in oil by Andy Dolphin
Narpyn Creek.  
30x40cm oil on board.
© Andy Dolphin

Looking at it with fresh eyes, I think I need to go back and try again on a day when the sun plans to hang around a while. This one goes in “the pile”. It happens.