I hosted a painting workshop at Albany’s Vancouver Art Centre yesterday for members of the Albany Art Group. We all had fun and there was some impressive results among the group.

As with my previous workshop in Mt Barker, I had members choose just three colours – a “red”, a “yellow” and a “blue” – plus white, from their own sets of oils or acrylics. Then everyone followed along as I painted a seascape with a foreground sand dune in shadow.

Here’s my demo painting from the workshop. The room we used at VAC has mercury vapour lighting which, being strong in the green end of the spectrum, sucks the life out of reds. As a result, there’s a tendency to compensate by adding more red than usual into mixes. The photo was taken outdoors, where the red shows up quite strongly under natural lighting.

seascape oil painting with sand dune by andy dolphin

Here’s some of the team hard at work.

seascape workshop albany group - andy dolphin

My thanks go to everyone who attended and I look forward to doing it again.