I was invited to a second sketching picnic by the Porongurup Art Group a couple of weeks ago. This time we all met at a farm where Steve, the owner, had happily allowed us free rein to paint and sketch whatever we wanted. And there was lots of material, from a 100-year-old timber shed to one of the best chook sheds I’ve ever seen. There were also horses and hills and trees and rough sawn post-and-rail fencing and tractors and dogs and a cottage and a big, rusty shed and did I mention the chook shed yet?

The place was amazing.

It was a cloudy evening but the sun would peek through occasionally tempting us with just how delicious the place really was.

While the clouds cast their shadow over everything, I sat and began sketching the scene around the lovely chook shed. Then the sun burst out so I stopped sketching and snapped a few photos for later. Then I continued sketching until it burst through again.

Eventually there was a big enough hole in the clouds for the dazzling evening light to hang on for ten or fifteen minutes. I ran around like an idiot trying to snap photos of the place from all corners and all angles. It was worth it.

The ultimate portable easel?

landscape sketch andy dolphinThe Chook Shed, A5 © Andy Dolphin, 2010

This was the only sketch I did that evening. I’m pretty pleased with it and can’t wait to get back there under clearer skies.

I have a painting ready to go from one of the photos I took. Hopefully you’ll see it here in the coming weeks. (Update: Here it is – Shed from start to finish)