Following a long weekend of interesting weather, in which we managed record spring rainfall – and flooding throughout the region – I went out painting on a beautiful spring afternoon, last Thursday.

I had been out in the morning with the plein air artists from Albany Art Group and wasn’t planning to paint in the afternoon. However, I was driving past a semi-rural spot that’s always caught my eye and I decided to have another look.

Plein air oil painting of roadside tree by Andy DolphinRoadside Gum
25x30cm oil on board.
© Andy Dolphin

Next thing I knew, I was setting up my easel. I also set up the video camera so you can follow along with me on Youtube. The final photo looks a little dark on the video, at least on one of my monitors. The image above hopefully looks okay on your monitor.

Something about this tree intrigues me and I think I’m going to go back and paint it again, maybe when the green has gone from the grass. I’m not a fan of electric greens and after the rains we’ve had in recent weeks, the grass is definitely green. I could have toned it down, but I want to see if I can learn to like it how it is. It would definitely make my life easier since it’s pretty green down here around nine months of the year.