It happened three years ago, in August 2010, and it’s happened again. My artwork has been the victim of a savage attack. Last time it was “Dirty Harry” and this time it was “Big Wendell”.

As I wrote in 2010, when Harry attacked my art, everyone’s an art critic.

Last week, Wendell knocked my drawing of Kevin Rudd and tore strips off my caricature of Tony Abbott. But I’m not unhappy about it.

Harry and his successor Wendell live at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin but they’re not art critics. They are, however, touted as psychic crocodiles and they have often made public predictions about a variety of things, including federal elections.

In 2010, Harry chose my Julia Gillard caricature over that of Tony Abbott, to correctly pre-empt that year’s election.

Last week, Wendell the croc took his time making a decision but ultimately correctly chose Tony Abbott over Kevin Rudd as our new Prime Minister.

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