Spring has finally arrived in the Great Southern and the canola is in full bloom all around us, so I took the opportunity to get out and paint. I was joined by Ted who’s on holidays in the region. You can see Ted below, completing his first-ever plein air painting, with spectacular results.

Here’s my effort completed using a limited palette of French ultramarine, cerulean blue, permanent crimson, cadmium yellow light and white…

We were painting well before sunset and the sky was clear, with no threat of clouding over, so I took a bit more time than usual. There’s about an hour of work in this piece.

Long-time followers of the blog might recognise this tree from paintings I did at the same location last December. It’s a great spot with a ready-made composition. I think I’ll be painting here again.

I’ll post a better photo of the finished painting soon, along with a studio painting from last weekend.