Happy new year blog reader!

I haven’t had much chance to paint over the “festive season” but I did manage to find some time to build myself a stand for setting up still life arrangements.

I’ve wanted to do still life for some time but I never really had a convenient way to set them up. Cardboard boxes on top of cardboard boxes just don’t cut it.

Here’s my solution to that problem…

diy still life oil painting set up stand

I built it out of some old shelves and other bits of chipboard and timber I had in the garage and I finished it in the same colour as my studio walls. It’s made in two sections and can be set to four different heights. Like several other things in my studio, it’s on castors so I can shove it around.

The idea is to have an assortment of different sized boards and surfaces that can sit on top to the stand to hold arrangements of objects. I also need to accommodate a “back wall” that can be either painted matte black or covered in draped cloth. I may even build a simple shadow box to sit on top.