On this blog I’m an oil painter and sometimes digital artist. The other me is a graphic artist and production manager at a regional newspaper. This article is about the other, other me – the amateur thespian.

When I’m not painting, or working at my “real” job, I spend a bit of time on stage.

I joined the Plantagenet Players repertory group shortly after moving to Mt Barker nine years ago. I soon became the resident artist, working on sets and promotional material.

I’ve just been working on the poster for our latest production, which opens next month, and it got me thinking back over my “almost decade” with Players – and about the posters I’ve designed along the way. And then I thought, “why not share them on the blog?”.

So here you go. A selection of posters from the last half-dozen years or so. All artwork is original. No clip art here.


  2007 (A joke poster – not used. Pity.)

Next year, Plantagenet Players celebrate their 60th anniversary. Formed in 1953, they’ve staged at least one production every year since – making them, I believe, the longest, continuous-running repertory group in Western Australia.

I’ll return you to normal programming shortly.