With scattered cloud hanging around on Friday, I headed back out to Barrow Road, where I completed a grey-day plein air landscape last week. I was planning to paint the view from the opposite side of the road and hoped for some sunlight and shadows this time. I got both.

Here’s this week’s painting.

plein air landscape in oils by Andy Dolphin
 (Barrow Road. Plein air sketch. 30x25cm oil on board. © Andy Dolphin)

I decided to try something different this time, and set up a camera on a tripod to capture video of my progress.

As a result, I’ve spent the weekend getting a crash course in Adobe Premiere Pro from my son. I think I’ve spent around 20 times longer editing the video as I spent doing the painting. But I’m super-pleased with the result.

So here you go. It’s nine minutes long so make sure you’ve got a cup of tea handy. Sit back and relax.

NOTE: You can watch it here on the blog but I’d recommend going to Youtube and viewing it at full size.

I didn’t take a final location photo of the painting, but I think the video gives a reasonable idea that it probably was painted on site 🙂

I have to give thanks to Kevin MacLeod, who offers hundreds of royalty-free music tracks on his Incompotech website.

Let me know what you think.